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Our Services

Our Services

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!


Base-To-Base Logistics

The right level of support on the ground is crucial to our clients. They need their products delivered as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible. To support this, we manage our own fleet of modern trucks, capable of transporting a wide range of parts required by the oil and gas industry.

Our fleets are coordinated and guided by our ‘control tower’ methodology, allowing us to provide integrated end-to-end solutions through multimodal transport coordination.

We are experienced operators in base-to-base transportation and have established networks in the major oil and gas regions.


  • Control tower methodology
  • Established networks in major oil and gas regions
  • Multimodal integrated solutions
  • One-stop shopping for movement of assets and supplies
  • Transport of special equipment and offshore containers


  • Comprehensive HSE and compliance processes
  • Efficient pricing by concentrating on one provider
  • Improved visibility allowing field locations to make better planning and operational decisions
  • Reduced exposure to handling and communication errors
rig Tow

Rig & Maritime Support

Energem offers an extensive state-of-the-art support service for the offshore industry. In addition to our shipping agent role, we hire all

types of offshore vessels, barges and rigging, and helicopters. We can provide purchasing services and manage the mobilisation and de-mobilisation of offshore projects.

The departments operating rig & maritime support are designed to give our clients the best of service. Short communication lines and 24/7 accessibility will ensure that all customer needs are satisfied within a short period of time.


  • Chartering of offshore vessels / helicopters
  • Coordination of the mob / de-mob of vessels
  • Crew management
  • Husbandry services
  • On /off hire management of equipment and barges
  • Procurement
  • Ship agency / vessel clearance


  • Expert staff to ensure maximum efficiency of service and risk minimisation
  • Multimodal rig solutions
  • Cost and inventory control
  • Availability around the clock
  • Product knowledge and understanding of specific rig management service requirements
  • All work processes carried out to ISO compliant standards


bunkering picture


Energem guarantees the most competitive pricing and ensures delivery of the highest quality fuel available in West Africa.

Offshore deliveries are effected either via supply tankers and/or barges. In port supplies are effected either via shore pipeline or alongside berth via road truck or barge. In addition to our fuelling services, we are also able to supply all major branded lubricants even in remote areas where there are little to no distribution networks.

We are committed to providing high quality bunkers safely and securely. Our well trained and equipped team guaranty prompt delivery at all times, guided by our several QHSE policies.


  • Supply of Marine Gas Oil
  • Bunkering - Spot or Contract
  • Bunker Survey Reports
  • Onshore and Offshore operations
  • Supply of Lubricants







Energem can provide a variety of logistics, personnel & support services to West African operations. Energem has developed and perfected a client tailored full-project support package of Crew Management Solutions, that can be adapted and customized according to your requirements and adhere to your company’s

guidelines and policies.

From recruitment to entire logistical support and payroll compliance, we take charge of your crewing operations delivering single source accountability and reducing administrative burdens to help keep your project on time and on budget.


We provide various personnel such as below

(not limited to):-

  • Driller
  • Assistant Driller
  • Floor Hands/ Roughnecks
  • Crane Operator
  • Roustabouts
  • Rig Electrician / Electrical Engineer Rig Mechanic
  • Mechanical Engineer Motorman
  • Offshore Medic / Doctor
  • Store Keeper
  • Radio Operator
  • Derrickmen
  • Pumpman
  • Painter
  • Welder
  • DP Officer
  • Instrument Technicians


procuments web pic


Our core strength is the proven ability to build long-term, value-adding business relationships with energy customers whose supply chain requirements are especially demanding and complex.

By working closely and building a partnership, Energem quickly understands the needs of your business. This enables us to manage the complete supply chain from planning to operational phase.

We design transportation solutions, assist with the freight budget, and develop cost-effective supply chain models that leverage the most complex consolidation opportunities.


  • Customs expertise: regulations, duties,taxes and exemptions
  • Expediting to destination by sea, air and over land
  • Freight collection worldwide / cargo consolidation
  • Hub management / control tower rig specialists
  • managing rig moves from start to finish
  • Knowledgeable, dedicated account management teams
  • Material tracking through a specially designed
  • system for the Energy industry
  • Purchase order and vendor management


  • Optimisation of supply chains
  • Dedicated account management with multimodal contacts – globa lly, regionally and locally
  • Increased visibility through the supply chain (end-to-end)
  • Greater flexibility to react to situations
  • Systematic measurement of KPIs
  • Full control of real time status updates via Energem oil and gas IT solutions
  • Rigorous supplier management process

Project Management

The role of our oil and gas project management specialists is to help our clients succeed. The challenges of large scale installations, with their complex components, are met every day by our dedicated teams. Through long experience, we have built expertise in the most demanding environments, both onshore and offshore, and successfully completed countless projects around the globe.

The central philosophy of our project management is to build projects from the ground up. With careful planning and close collaboration, we ensure that our years of experience can provide benefit at every stage. We treat each project as unique and will work hard to create the best possible solution.


  • Customs and documentation requirements
  • Global logistics planning and forecast feasibility studies
  • Multimodal transport recommendations
  • Presentations of proposals and alternatives
  • Special chartering group
  • Stowage, lashing and security planning
  • Supervision and execution


  • Specialised staff
  • Cost saving through early involvement in project planning
  • Visibility on complex supply chains
  • Cost savings through consolidation and shipment optimisation
  • Tailored project design around proven processes and establish ed IT solutions
  • Flexibility in assigning experienced project teams to all necessary geographical areas
serviced offices

Serviced Offices

Energem has state of the art offices located in both cities of Accra and Takoradi in Ghana.



One / Two / Three Man serviced offices

Temporary project office space.


Meeting Rooms

All units are furnished and maintained to a high standard with air conditioning, backup generator and on site CCTV security and fire protection.



Serviced office usage license can be agreed for periods ranging from 1 day to 6 months. Our serviced office contracts are renewable at the end of each term, subject to availability.


Secretarial Services

Personal Assistant / Postal / Courier Services / Printing / Photocopying /Internet Access / Meeting / Training Rooms.

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