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Rig & Maritime Support

rig TowEnergem offers an extensive state-of-the-art support service for the offshore industry. In addition to our shipping agent role, we hire all
types of offshore vessels, barges and rigging, and helicopters. We can provide purchasing services and manage the mobilisation and de-mobilisation of offshore projects.

The departments operating rig & maritime support are designed to give our clients the best of service. Short communication lines and 24/7 accessibility will ensure that all customer needs are satisfied within a short period of time.


• Chartering of offshore vessels / helicopters
• Coordination of the mob / de-mob of vessels
• Crew management
• Husbandry services
• On /off hire management of equipment and barges
• Procurement
• Ship agency / vessel clearance

• Expert staff to ensure maximum efficiency of service and risk minimisation
• Multimodal rig solutions
• Cost and inventory control
• Availability around the clock
• Product knowledge and understanding of specific rig management service requirements
• All work processes carried out to ISO compliant standards

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