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ManpowerEnergem can provide a variety of logistics, personnel & support services to West African operations. Energem has developed and perfected a client tailored full-project support package of Crew Management Solutions, that can be adapted and customized according to your requirements and adhere to your company’s
guidelines and policies.

From recruitment to entire logistical support and payroll compliance, we take charge of your crewing operations delivering single source accountability and reducing administrative burdens to help keep your project on time and on budget.

We provide various personnel such as below
(not limited to):-
• Driller
• Assistant Driller
• Floor Hands/ Roughnecks
• Crane Operator
• Roustabouts
• Rig Electrician / Electrical Engineer Rig Mechanic
• Mechanical Engineer Motorman
• Offshore Medic / Doctor
• Store Keeper
• Radio Operator
• Derrickmen
• Pumpman
• Painter
• Welder
• DP Officer
• Instrument Technicians

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